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Our wonderful team of customer service experts are on hand, waiting to assist you in every step of your direct mail marketing campaign. Whether you are looking to promote a new business, a new product, a special offer or spread the word about a cause you are involved in, MVS Mailers can provide an experienced and effective overview of services that help you drive your business.

Full-Color Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Increase the effectiveness and response rate of your direct mail campaign with personalized full-color or black & white pieces that call-out the consumer by name, offer a specific offer, and/ or customer-specific message. Variable data printing is an efficient way to establish a personalized relationship with potential customers, fans and followers. This technology enables the consumers name to be printed directly on the mailer. We offer this service as a testament to our promise to provide the most powerful and compelling direct mail campaigns.

Full-Color Variable Data Printing
Quick Turn-Around and Speedy Delivery

Quick Turn-Around and Speedy Delivery

The most important part of a direct mail campaign is delivery. When you’re dealing with time-sensitive promotions, reminders, offers and specials– speedy delivery is key. Need your pieces in a hurry? We offer a quick turn-around time and efficient print to mail services. If you’re in a bind for time, speak to a representative about same day service.

Mail Tracking Analytics for Effective Marketing

Knowing what works makes all the difference. MVS Mailers tracks your direct mail campaigns and provides data that makes your marketing even more effective. We implement specific technology that tracks your campaigns and determines how, where and when your efforts resulted in conversions and revenue. Our tracking services helps you manage your marketing efforts by offering a method to ensure delivery and project mitigation. The data gathered from a direct mail marketing campaign can be used to better your overall product marketing across all platforms.

Mail Tracking
In-House Printing

In-House Printing

Our in-house printing services ensures that, from start to finish, the management of your product is supervised by our expert staff. Every direct mail piece that dispatches from our facility is printed on high-quality or specialty cardstock, depending on your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking to print one or one-million copies of your piece, we can assure that our printing services will exceed your expectations. Looking for a more personalized approach to your direct mail marketing campaign? MVS Mailers offers full-color and black & white variable data printing! VDP allows you to print each and every customer’s name directly on their mail. This makes for a personalized, enticing aspect to your direct mail campaign.

Specialized Delivery and Management

With our mail tracking and analytics platform, we can assure that your direct mail piece will reach its desired destination quickly and efficiently; a crucial aspect to time-sensitive direct mail marketing. Our turn-around time is fast, we offer cost-effective ways to get your marketing materials from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

Bulk mailing specialty items? Not a problem. Our team is ready and able to assist you with everything you need to get your packages to their destination safely, on time and in a cost-effective manner.

Specialized Delivery and Management
Creative Strategies and Production

Creative Strategies and Production

We implement innovative and ingenious creativity that grabs attention and entices your customer to pursue your product or service. Our team of creative experts are ready to build a campaign that will drive results and garner the attention of new customers. We implement innovative and ingenious creativity that grabs attention and entices your customer to pursue your product or service.


Our selection of high-quality products lets you choose which material is best suited for your business’ needs. From campaign mailers to financial documents, and emails MVS Mailers sends customized marketing materials that ensure the highest return on investment for your business.

We also offer competitively priced full-color, and black & white variable data printing (VDP). This automates the direct mail so that each and every piece you send out is personalized to the recipient; almost like a personal letter straight to the consumer. VDP allows businesses to include names of the recipients, customer-specific offers, and custom messages on the mail to maximize responses and conversions.

  • Letters
  • Envelopes
  • Postcards
  • Advertising Checks
  • Folded Mailers
  • Letter Mailings
  • Booklets/Catalogs

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