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Quantity vs. Quality

Which One Scores Your Highest Ratings in Marketing & Advertising?

In the past, having a conversion rate when using direct mail, one percent was acceptable. A response rate is an important metric for analyzing a mailing or any other communication channel your customers may prefer. But a high response rate is not always the best goal. If you’re trying to generate sales leads for a high-dollar service where the contract might be over one million dollars, a single reply that results in a sale might give you a low response rate, but it would likely represent a significant return on investment. Therefore, your goal is not to maximize response but to maximize profit. Direct mailers in the past century would continually buy more lists to increase their mailing number hoping to get more responses. Hence, the name, junk mail. 

How to Motivate Your Customers into Action

i.e., Spend Money and Learn More About Them!

The purpose of direct marketing copywriting is to move people toward an action. The more you address the specific human elements that motivate your audience, the greater your chances to move them to action - to make a call, send an email or buy. So, what moves people? People cannot resist a bargain. People seek pleasure and satisfaction. People like exclusivity. People are looking for proven results. And some are even moved by greed.

How to Build Your Email Dream List

And Add Revenue to Your Bottom Line

When you’re first initiating your marketing efforts, creating a ‘dream list’ can be a daunting task. It may seem like a process that needs constant upkeep, effort, and strategy because… well, it is.

Your customer list (or list of potential customers) is essentially the basis for the success of your marketing efforts. Serving your message to the people that you believe will react positively is fundamental for any marketing strategy. Your campaigns must be built around a strong message, and served to those who are most likely to engage with it.

Creating a dream list takes time, patience, testing, and often times, different avenues of marketing.