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Is There a One and Done Marketing Campaign?

If you mean effective, no and especially not, when you use direct marketing.


Some of your marketing messages may be cute or emulate what the competition sends to their customers in the next state over. But they grew using their time by listening and understanding their customers.

You can pitch a white paper or case study. But you can’t make people read them. 

Maybe you try an email newsletter for your products or services. But you don’t win anything except for number of unsubscribes. 

Finally, you offer 1,000 people an opportunity they simply can’t refuse. Yes, 99% did just that. 

Yes, it does take time for marketing and advertising to do their job. When you were a youngster, how many times did you ask, are we there yet? 

Building Trust

Time, time is on your side

Yes, it is. Mick Jagger knew that. So, if you are a business owner or the director in one, remember a rolling stone gathers no moss. But it still takes time to reach its goal. 

You need the time to build trust between your company and the business contacts at the company you are trying to build a relationship with. Once trust happens, you now have a stronger commitment to maintain contact with the person and build a better relationship.

And just like that, marketing gets a little easier once you start learning what prospects like and what your customers need. 


Take some more time to...

1. Build customer profiles. 

2. Build a customer-centric database or purchase a CRM.

3. Spend some time on building customer segments and learn why 
they belong in each segment 

4. How much time will it take to reach your contact eight to ten times 
a quarter or a year? 

The only sure way to know is to listen and analyze your response. 

Need more information
 and time to get out of your marketing rut? 

There are many traditional and social channels to communicate with a contact, so use the time wisely to learn more about your customers. Your decisions to engage or delete a contact, become a lot easier to make.