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What Can Direct Mail Do For Your Business?

Spark Interest With Gratification and Trust


You might believe that direct mail is on a backwards trend nowadays, with so many opportunities to reach your potential customers in other, more digital ways. While it is true that technology offers these additional avenues, it should be noted that direct mail is still a very important part of the marketing puzzle. In fact, direct mail dovetails nicely into these digital touchpoints in ways that it never could have before, with analysis and constant campaign feedback. While it may seem that the trend is moving away from direct mail, what is actually happening is marketers are choosing to use fewer, yet more effective direct mail pieces to deliver their message into their potential customer’s mailboxes.

 In utilizing the “less is more” approach, marketers are promoting more useful products to their customers and prospects. They are using a type of direct mail that contains “positive product” information and not just a piece of paper that gets lumped in with the trash.

 Instant Gratification is one technique of direct marketing mail that is seeing a rebirth. Direct mail that includes an instant gift, or a usable product sample, provides instant gratification and will yield better direct mail open rates.

 The industries that can use this technique are endless!

  • A restaurant or hospitality group can add a promotional giftcard for their establishment
  • Promotional companies can include a sample of their product in their mailing
  • Online services can use a code directly tied to the mail piece in order to track and analyze campaign efficacy

These are just a few  examples.

Furthermore, it is shown in a USPS study that due to its novelty, direct mail has a lasting impression on Millennials and 90% believe that the information they receive via direct mail is reliable. Receiving an offer or information via direct mail is a tangible touchpoint with consumers that can be trusted. Seeing is believing, but having the information in hand physically is even better. 

See how you can use our proven direct mail strategies to make a connection with YOUR customers. Partner with MVS Mailers and we can create a direct mail campaign that will engender trust and provide satisfaction with your potential customers.